Newborn Session Experience

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

There is nothing better than having a new little human enter this world. Your newborn session should mirror your experience of becoming parents for the first time or adding to your family. This is not about me. It is entirely about my clients and ensuring that their time with me is professional, comfortable and most of all, a completely safe experience. So much trust is required for parents to hand over their perfect little miracle and it is so important to me to be able to create an environment that provides everything needed to hire me to photograph their precious moments.

Newborn sessions take between 2 and 3 hours. I encourage the parents to take time to relax during the session and trust that I will take care of the baby. This is a great opportunity to read a book or just spend some uninterrupted time with your spouse. It is important for my clients to know that I have 10+ years of experience with newborns and children and I have full confidence in my abilities to care for even the smallest of beings. Photographing the first moments of a newborn baby is my passion and the only thing that I am more passionate about is babies and children in general. If I could work with children everyday, I would. There is something so special about about the bonds that are built by creating family memories and watching families grow over time.

When photographing newborns, there are certain techniques that help me keep the baby comfortable and sleepy. I highly suggest that the baby is photographed within the first two weeks of being born. This is when the baby is still very sleepy and is comfortable being wrapped. The room has to be slightly warmer than normal because the baby will be changed into different wraps and will naked at times. Babies can also sense when their mothers are around and will think that they will be fed. This is why I recommend that the parents take some time to themselves, maybe in the next room over. The biggest part of this job is ensuring the safety of the babies. If there is hesitation about leaving the baby with me, please don’t feel like you have to. It is just a suggestion to help the baby sleep more soundly during the session. Another technique I use is a white noise machine. This mocks the sounds that the baby hears inside the womb and helps to comfort and soothe the newborn.

I suggest that the baby is fed either right before the session or as close to the session as possible. If the session is at my location, I urge the parents to feed the baby there. If this is uncomfortable for you, just feed the baby right before you head over. The baby should also be dressed in loose clothing before the session.

After the baby is fed, I will start to wrap and pose the baby. All of the materials and props I will use for the session will have been washed and sanitized prior to the session. It is so important to make sure all hands are washed and the props are clean because newborns are so fragile. While wrapping the baby, I will always have at least one hand on the baby, making sure that 1) the baby is always safe and 2) the baby feels comforted and soothed to keep him/her as sleepy as possible. I will try to have an assistant or a second hand to help me pose and ensure that the baby completely safe. If not, I will ask the parents to assist me when I need it.

I love the moments of photographing the newest beings and I hope to be able to create beautiful memories for you and your family!

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