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I am now offering USBs and digital files with all image rights. YES! It is true... It has taken me over a year to finally realize that this is a necessary option for my clients and to find the right balance between keeping my business alive and giving my clients what they truly want. 

A message for past clients: YES you can still order a USB  and purchase files from previous sessions!! If you are interested, please send me an email or message to get started. 

However, I will continue to press the importance of prints. Prints are forever. There is no guarantee that you will always have your USB or the digital files. 

There IS a difference between looking at a printed photograph and looking at an image on a screen. The photographs of your loved ones should be something that is looked at on a daily basis; displayed in your living room or kitchen for instance. Do not forget to order prints. They deserve a physical place in this world. 

I also cannot stress enough that professional printing is the way to go. I make sure that the images are printed the way they should be based on lighting, color, etc. and professional services should be matched with professional products!!

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